Larry Wiezycki – Creative Director

5-Time Emmy Award-Winning Television Producer, Editor

Larry’s unique brand of television post production, shooting and editing has been broadcast all over the country in both national and local feature programming. Logging more than 20 years of television experience, he has worked with a broad client base including PBS, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, ESPN, FOX, America’s Most Wanted and Outback Steakhouse. Larry kicked off his television career producing original soundtracks for local, independent and network programs and in 1996 expanded into broadcast TV post production. Tools over the years have included Discreet Edit*, Avid, Premiere, DPS VelocityHD and Final Cut Studio.

Larry’s recent projects/roles include:


Crafting great audio into television and film projects is an art all its own. As an accomplished performer with over 30 years experience across multiple instruments and styles, Larry can be found playing in local church bands or an occasional special engagement with the original Tampa 80’s band, The Toads.


With a keen eye for what produces a great image, you’ll find moving still photography and emotive motion photography honed by more than 30 years behind the lens.

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